Pittsburgh area coin dealer specializing in U.S. coins and bullion
Pittsburgh area coin dealer specializing in U.S. coins and supplies. We carry large cents, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half and silver dollars, mint and proof sets, gold and much more.
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Whether you are looking for Morgan or Peace dollars, gold coins, silver or modern commemoratives, or just common U.S. coins, we offer quality coins at very competitive prices. We have a large selection of Lincoln cents, well over 700 different pennies, this does not include duplicates or rolls!

We also carry a good selection of rolls, mostly uncirculated. Everything from penny rolls through the presidential dollar rolls.

eBay Auction Items
  1. 1864 Indian Cent PCGS VF-30
  2. 1863 Indian Cent EF-40
  3. 2009 S Lincoln Cent 4 coin set Proof Prf
  4. 1955 Lincoln Cent Prf
  5. 1934 D Lincoln Cent PCGS RD MS-64
  6. 1930 Lincoln Cent NGC R&B MS-65
  7. 1911 S Lincoln Cent VG-8
  8. 1910 S Lincoln Cent G-4
  9. 1909 S Lincoln Cent VF-20
  10. 1917 D Buffalo Nickel T-2 VG-8
  11. 1913 S Buffalo Nickel T-2 PCGS VG-8
  12. 1913 D Buffalo Nickel T-2 PCGS F-12
  13. 1852 O Liberty Seated Dime Stars Obv With Drapery F-12
  14. 1916 Barber Dime VG-8
  15. 1936 Mercury Dime VF-30
  16. 1931 D Mercury Dime EF-40
  17. 1921 D Mercury Dime G-4
  18. 1921 Mercury Dime VG-8
  19. 1921 Mercury Dime G-4
  20. 1916 S Mercury Dime VG-10
  21. 1854 Liberty Seated Quarter Arrows at Date VF-30
  22. 1858 Liberty Seated Quarter No Motto AU-55
  23. 1913 Barber Quarter G-4
  24. 1983 P Washington Quarter Gem BU
  25. 1957 Washington Quarter Prf
  26. 2001 S North Carolina State Quarter Coin 90% Silver NGC Ultra Cameo Prf-69
  27. 2001 S Rhode Island State Quarter Coin 90% Silver NGC Ultra Cameo Prf-69
  28. 1835 Capped Bust Half AU-50
  29. 1855 Liberty Seated Half Arrows at Date F-12
  30. 1864 S Liberty Seated Half No Motto WB-104 G-4
  31. 1864 S Liberty Seated Half No Motto Mdeium S MM AG-3
  32. 1860 S Liberty Seated Half No Motto G-6
  33. 1858 O Liberty Seated Half No Motto EF-40
  34. 1873 Liberty Seated Half No Arrows With Motto Extra 87 in Denticals Under 8 F-18
  35. 1938 D Walking Liberty Half Key Date EF-40
  36. 1938 D Walking Liberty Half VG-8
  37. 1937 Walking Liberty Half EF-40
  38. 1961 Franklin Half Prf-63
  39. 1959 Franklin Half Prf-63
  40. 1957 Franklin Half Prf
  41. 1956 Franklin Half Prf-63
  42. 1955 Franklin Half Prf-63
  43. 1954 Franklin Half Prf
  44. 1954 Franklin Half MS-63
  45. 1953 Franklin Half Prf
  46. 1952 Franklin Half Prf
  47. 1903 S Morgan Dollar F-12
  48. 1960 Lincoln Memorial Cent Roll P Mint Gem BU
  49. 2017 Silver Eagle Gem BU
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Please enjoy the information on "Gold and Silver Fundamentals" by clicking on the link below.  If you have any questions please email me.

Gold and Silver Fundamentals

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent Info